How do I find the right duvet to suit my needs?

The right size for the greatest comfort

Bedding comes in various sizes, made to suit all the different requirements.

  • The standard size for a down duvet is 160 x 210 cm.
  • If you are taller than 170 cm, however, we recommend 160 x 240 cm.
  • Partners sharing a bed can opt for a 200 x 210 cm duvet or even better for the double bed maxi duvet measuring 240 x 240 cm.

Although specialist retailers can offer you oversized or even custom made duvets, we should point out that duvet covers to fit are very hard to find.


 Bolsters  Pillows

 German-speaking  Switzerland:
 50 x 70 cm
 65 x 100 cm

 Western Switzerland:
 50 x 70 cm
 60 x 90 cm

 50 x 70 cm
 50 x 90 cm



 German-speaking Switzerland:
 65 x 65 cm

 Western Switzerland:
 60 x 60 cm

 30 x 40 cm
 40 x 50 cm
 40 x 60 cm



 for prams:
 55 x 65 cm
 65 x 75

 for children’s cots:
 80 x 100 cm
 90 x 120 cm

 nordic, standard:
 160 x 210 m

 nordic, «maxi» duvet for
 single beds:
 160 x 240 cm

 for French beds:
 200 x 210 cm

 for French beds «maxi» duvet:
 200 x 240 cm

 extra-wide duvet for French and double beds:
 240 x 210 cm

 «maxi» duvet for double bed:
 240x 240 cm


The path to the perfect duvet

The following points should help you in selecting the right duvet for you. Before you buy, consider what is important for you. Your specialist retailer will be pleased to advise you.

Sizes: Choose a size that is widely available in Switzerland so you can be sure of finding bed linen to fit.
160 x 210 cm
160 x 240 cm
200 x 210 cm
200 x 240 cm
240 x 210 cm
240 x 240 cm

Down duvet systems: Various types of duvet are available, depending whether you prefer a warmer or cooler bedroom at night and also whether you like to change your duvet according to the seasons.

Summer duvets are down duvets sewn fabric-on-fabric and containing less filling (diamond-pattern). They are therefore particularly suitable for the summer months or, depending upon the quality and quantity of the filling, as an all year duvet.

Down duvets with tunnels or box baffles: These duvets contain more filling and have correspondingly higher insulating properties. They are suitable as all year duvets or winter duvets.

Four seasons double down duvets (compartment types): These are composed of two separate duvets, each of which has a different fill quantity. The lighter duvet is for the summer months, the heavier duvet is for spring and autumn and in winter the two can be fastened together. 

Once you have decided which duvet system is best for you, you can customise it to suit your needs. By choosing the fill weight and the down quality you can determine the insulating properties for yourself and select the perfect warmth for you