Care tips

What is the correct way to care for your down duvets and feather pillows? And when is the right time to replace them?

To gain the maximum comfort and best hygiene from your bedding, it should be properly cared for. Bedding should be thoroughly aired in the morning to release the moisture absorbed during the night. Open your bedroom window and give the bedding a gentle shake. The filling in certain types of Nordic duvets may “wander” – should this be the case, the filling should be redistributed by hand from time to time. Don’t expose your duvet to direct sunlight and keep it away from carpet beaters and vacuum cleaners.

Washable down duvets and feather pillows should be washed at least once a year while those that require professional cleaning should be taken every three to five years or else replaced if the duvet has seen particularly hard service. As the demands made on pillows are significantly higher, they should be replaced after three years.

Washing instructions

Unless otherwise stated, washable down duvets and feather pillows with a washing symbol on the care label can be washed at up to 60°C. You should use a pH neutral liquid detergent suitable for delicates and choose a programme with a spin cycle. Down duvet and feather pillows absorb many times their own weight in water during washing, so the spin cycle should be repeated. You should then tumble dry your duvet at 100°C, shaking it every 30 minutes or so to shorten the drying time, which can last for between 60 and 120 minutes depending on the size of the tumble dryer.


  • Never use a conditioner
  • Always follow the washing instructions on your duvet

How to care for your down duvets and feather pillows - interview on SRF Radio «Ratgeber»  (in German)