Allergy sufferers

Are duvets a paradise for mites? Should allergy sufferers avoid them?

This is an old belief that has been refuted by recent scientific research showing that down duvets and feather pillows offer very unfavourable conditions for dust mites. In addition, scientists have established that children who have down duvets are less likely to suffer from dust mite allergies and children who already have such allergies are less prone to severe breathing problems. Based on these studies, down duvets and feather pillows are now recommended for dust mite allergy-sufferers. 

Down duvets bearing the “Swiss Guaranty VSB” quality seal have covers made of fabrics that pose an insurmountable barrier for dust mites and as the down is dried at 100°C, they are free of mites, bacteria and germs.

It is clear that even dust mite allergy sufferers don’t have to forego the advantages of a down duvet or feather pillow.

So even if you suffer from allergies or asthma, you don’t need to do without the natural benefits that down and feather have to offer as you sleep.