Animal protection

VSB statement on animal protection and traceability

The Swiss manufacturers of down duvets and feather pillows (VSB) rejects any form of live-plucked down and was the first national association in the world to declare its total rejection of live-plucked down in its statutes as well as in the agreements between VSB member companies and their suppliers.

In order to further increase the transparency and traceability of the down and feathers used, the VSB board has decided that all VSB member companies must accede to the Downpass e.V. as individual members and be certified according to the international DOWNPASS standard. This obligatory certification uses neutral external inspections (audits) to document that the bedding manufactured by VSB member companies does not use any live-plucked down or feathers. The audits include site inspections, document audits, plausibility checks and laboratory analyses by recognised testing institutes such as the IDFL - International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory.

The DOWNPASS standard has established itself internationally and seeks to encourage the proper care of geese and ducks in agricultural breeding facilities. The same applies for the responsible collection of feathers and down, the traceability of which must be comprehensively documented so that the supply chain is wholly transparent. You can find more information about DOWNPASS at

The unanimous resolution by the AGM on 25 February 2016 obliges all VSB member companies to conclude the certification process by the end of 2016. The VSB itself has also become a member of Downpass e.V. in order to actively cooperate in the ongoing development of the certification models. DOWNPASS' statutes define clear inspection and sanction options to enforce compliance with the contractual requirements. The mandatory certification of all of its members has once again made the VSB a global industry leader, highlighting its commitment to the fight against live-plucked down and for animal rights.

In addition to the rejection of live-plucked down, the "Swiss Guaranty VSB" seal stands for transparency and quality. It also guarantees that the bedding was manufactured in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. You can find an overview of the quality requirements here.