The Swiss Bedding Manufacturer’s Association (VSB) currently has the following members and represents over 2,000 retailers.

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VSB represents over 2,000 traders and is itself a member of or in exchange with the following organisations:

  • EDFA - European Down & Feather Association
  • IDFB - International Down and Feather Bureau
  • GINETEX - Swiss Association for Textilmarking
  • TVS - The Swiss Textile Federation 
  • SGV - The Swiss Trade and Crafts Union
  • SNV - Swiss Association for Standardization
  • VTS - Swiss Textile Care Association


Trade organisations

  • STDV - Swiss Textile Retailers Association
  • VSSM - Association of Swiss Cabinet- and Furniture Makers 




Schools, colleges and others

  • STF - Swiss Textile, Clothing and Fashion Colleges